Event Space

Our 4 unique venue spaces encompass different sizes and can accommodate diverse numbers of guests. With some indoor and outdoor layouts, you have ample options to choose from.


Inbox is a private event space which is versatile yet functional. With a total build-up of 1313 sq. ft., it comes with a portable stage, perfect for trainings, seminars and cozy dinner parties with performances. Unlike conventional training rooms, it has thick curtains with soundproof walls and ceiling, providing a great space for full privacy.


Openbox is an open space right outside of Inbox, which is attached to Outbox (open-air balcony space). It has a build-up of 1096 sq. ft. and is very suitable for press conferences, warehouse sales, fashion shows and other product launching events which normally aims to attract the public’s attention.


Blackhall has a build-up of 1597 sq. ft. and has special partitioning layout for individual stalls and booths. This is best suited for showcases and exhibitions and can easily fit up to about 10 small/medium sized booths at one time.


Outbox is an outdoor space like a balcony area which is great for any sort of competitions, casual luncheon and dinner events. Since it is outdoors, it is perfect for BBQ and grills. With a total build-up of 1320 sq. ft., it can house about 40 people comfortably without overcrowding.

If you have a huge event requiring a bigger space, fret not because all 4 venue spaces above are adjacent to each other and can be combined to house a bigger crowd.

Looking for the perfect event space for your event?

Look no further! You have come to the right place. Let us know your expectations and our dedicated team will attend to your request, ensuring affordable pricing and a hassle-free journey from the start to the day of your event.